Who all have to prove their love for country again?


Today, lives of millions of people are decided over a piece of paper in the north eastern part of the country. The day will be marked in the Indian history where millions of people living in the nation from several years were asked to show their nationality. The bill list presented by the state faced several questions regarding the lives of people who are now termed as ILLEGAL MIGRANTS.

There are hundreds of stories in which people and their family members served in the forces, laws and other professions from so many years but now they aren’t termed as INDIAN. On the same note these people don’t know what’s next for them.

According to government’s own data 3.30crore people applied for NRC registration from which 19lakhs of them are being excluded because what they presented at NRC centre to prove their nationality wasn’t enough. The government now speaks that the people who aren’t the part of the list are immigrants from former East Pakistan or today’s Bangladesh. But the facts from year 1951 screams out of the old shelves of the government that Assam already had a NRC list in 1951.

The apex court of the country earlier mentioned that whomsoever, got into India before 24March1971 are the citizen of India otherwise not. In July 2018 a list was taken out by the governing bodies exclaiming that 2.89crore citizens are there in Assam who are Indians rest 40lakhs of them aren’t a part of the country.

If someone isn’t included what they can do after this?

All those who haven’t made their names to the so called citizen list can approach Foreigners Tribunal with a certificate copy of the rejection order by NRC. As per the data there are over hundred Foreigner Tribunal and two hundred of them will come soon into functionality. If the person is still not satisfied with the proceedings over there they can challenge the judgement in the state High Court and later into Supreme Court. But the main concern of the person will be that if someone isn’t included into NRC and they lost their case in Foreigner Tribunal then they can be sent to jail or detention center because their nationality will not be viable.

One can also present their case in the court if they can prove that their ancestors were in India before March 1971. In India only under special cases like that of Tibeti and West Pakistani people they are the only ones having some special status over the society like they get housing, food and other necessary schemes.

But the sad part is people want the NRC list to be applicable in whole of India where around 1971 everything wasn’t written over the papers. Those who came to India from other countries during the partition are now asked to prove their nationality the people who choose their love for India and patriotism for the country will now have to prove again. As per my understanding majorly muslims were among the ones who migrated and the saffron hearted government will somehow trying to bring in fascism in the beautiful world of democracy where everyone gets equal rights.

The consent to disagree is being vanished there are no protests out on the streets, no NGOs are asking for a proper framework and by effects.

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