The Irish backstop alternative is possible, says German Chancellor Angela Merkel


With no proper solution on way for Brexit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has suggested an alternative to the Irish border backstop – a key Brexit sticking point – stating it can be found within 30 days.

Markel was speaking alongside Prime Minister Boris Johnson at a news conference in Berlin.

Speaking at a news conference alongside British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Berlin, Markel stressed on the point that it would be up to the UK to offer a plan which is viable for all.

The PM said he was “more than happy” with that “blistering timetable”. He accepted the “onus” was on the UK, but said he believed there was “ample scope” for a new deal to be worked upon.

Johnson told the EU that the backstop must be given up if a no-deal exit was to be avoided. The EU, however, has repeatedly said that the withdrawal deal cannot be further negotiated after Theresa May, the former British Prime Minister negotiated the deal earlier, which includes the backstop.

Should the UK and the EU not agree on certain trade deals after Brexit, the backstop, if implemented would see Northern Ireland staying aligned to some rules of the EU single market. It would also see the UK stay in a single customs territory with the EU.


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