Lungs of the planet on fire


From last few weeks there is an outcry in the social media regarding amazon fire and save the lungs of planet earth. The fires in amazon forest isn’t a new phenomenon, every year the forest witness a small amount of fire in the forest area because of dryness. But this year the forest fire percentage rised upto more than 80% from the previous records. The fire spots were seen from the space and the scientists and environmentalists raised their concerns over the fires because millions of animals and human beings were affected due to this and every minute a big amount of land witnessed deforestation.

The actual number of fires recorded by National Institute for Space Research was 74,000 in this year the highest till date. According to environmental specialist’s deforestation, more of urbanisation and slash and burn technique is to be blamed for forest fire. As per US Department of Agriculture people cut down a small area of forest, dry it out and set the remaining area for other activities. It is believed by the indigenous community that fire replenishes the soil and enhance the growth of fodder for animals. Brazil is also termed as the world’s largest beef exporter.

The world is concerned about the fire because amazon forests are termed as lungs of the earth because of their widespread area of forest. The forest intakes the maximum of the carbon dioxide and other harmful gases in the whole world and provides the maximum amount of oxygen as compared to the other forests. It is also being observed that from last few years there is a strong and constant increase in forest for mining processes.

As per the scientists of the amazons will be destroyed this will affect the whole of the planet because the trees have stored millions of tons of carbon dioxide from several decades.  If this happens the whole world will face CLIMATIC CATASTROPHE. Amazon forests not only provides oxygen to the world but they also supply some rare medicines along with a wide variety animal species to maintain the perfect balance in the ecosystem. Amazon is home to one in ten of all animal species.

One of the incident that took the social media on fire like the forest fire was posted by someone that a whole city grew grey in color in the mid afternoon and chocked with carbon dioxide, sooth and the ashes. A study on air pollution was conducted in almost 25 countries which showed that Brazil is recording a sharp increase in the mortality rate at the places where the air is more polluted with ashes.

Jair Bolsonaro, the head of Brazil is strongly criticized on not taking any steps for preventing and stopping the fires. While Jair was campaigning for the elections he called that he will set aside a less land in the Amazon for the living tribes and their preservation. From October 2018 he is being strongly criticized by the Brazilian nature’s expert for his bad policies for the environments. To mark the criticizing act more powerful the social media platforms created a hashtag as #PrayforAmazonia. As per the geographical situations the 60% area of forest is located in Brazilian borders.

G7 summit group offered a help to the Brazilian government of 22 million dollars to re-establish the environmental balance but the government rejected. US President Trump shared a tweet appreciating the efforts made by Bolsonaro for his efforts to stop the fire. Whereas Bolsonaro said that G7 is treating the country like a colony. All the organisations governmental and non-governmental are making sure that the fire don’t spread to any greater extend because that will cost a huge damage to the climate change.

Brazilian government deployed over 44,000 troops in almost six states to fight the fore incidents and helping the living beings in the place. It is also presented by the state that more than 10,400 firefighters are in the forest area of 5.5 million square kilometers.


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