Indian government before 1947


India got independent on 15th August 1947 as a sovereign, secular and democratic nation. In the Indian constitution it is written on the preamble that the country gives liberty, justice and equality to all its citizens.

But before getting the on paper independence India formed its first government also said as interim government on 2nd September 1946. The party which decided to rule the country for the first time was congress. The party mandated that they will have around 14 cabinet minister. When the announcement of interim government was made the Muslim league joined the hands with INC because they feared that if congress will be in centre then they will decline the request for muslim majority country called Pakistan. In the initial phase of the government making congress wanted a strong hand in the centre but not with muslim league but the muslim league wanted to get some power in the national capital with some weaker party on the other side.

Later the muslim league hued that they won’t be joining the constituent assembly but congress showed their disagreement and asked the muslim league leaders to quit the government. The powers in London were much concerned about the conflict between both the political ideologies so to solve the civil war like situation they incited both the political leaders to London to discuss all the issues and provide some of the necessary decisions. Nehru declined the invitation but the PM Attlee assured the PM that they want a successful meeting for the constituent assembly to present the different desires of the countrymen. Attlee also said that the leaders have to work together to make India a powerful and great democracy.

There was a continuous dialogue between the leaders in the first week of December but the strategy drastically failed. To showcase the difference of opinion Sardar Patel termed the invitation as a betrayal proposal. The constituent assembly was selected on a process where each province was given some proportion of seats as per the population. In total 385 seats were structured where 93 were subjected to princely states.

The CWC took care that all the people from society should come along with women candidates, Anglo Indians, tribal and intellectuals. As per the record Nehru’s statement to the constituent assembly depicted that he wanted the first task to be done to feed the starving people, to give clothes to the naked masses and give everyone a full opportunity to develop himself as per their capacity.

PM Attlee helped the Indian leaders to form a government and choose cabinet. Nehru was termed as the vice president of the committee named council of ministers which was earlier called as Viceroy’s Executive Council and held all the powers that of a PM. The president of the committee was the Viceroy of India. After several discussions it was held that the ministers’ team will be purely Indian rather than British.


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