India lost an amazing minister and human


The news of Arun Jaitley’s demise spread like a forest fire on Saturday. Arun Jaitley hold some of the important portfolios in the right wing BJP. He was an early youth activist for BJP led ABVP in DU, spokesperson for the party, defence minister, law minister, corporate affairs minister and finance minister in BJP led NDA governments in 2000 and 2014. Mr. Jaitley also headed the BCCI and helped the organisations for several legal proceedings. BCCI refers him as a cricket game enthusiast and keen administrator. He always marked his esteemed presence in all the occasions with a broad smile, a go-to-meet person and what not.

The former finance minister will be remembered for some of the strong bills he presented in the parliament. He implemented GST, National Judicial Appointments Commission bill and Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code. The former spokesperson was always approached for legal advice and media statements. Arun Jaitley practiced his profession of a lawyer for more than seven years.

Late Arun Jaitley was always considered as the closet to the ex-PM Atal Bihar Vajpayee. Jaitley went to jail also during the time of emergency imposed by former PM Indira Gandhi. Arun Jaitley was always a favourite talk person to media for any issues. He was often took to the court rooms by senior advocates to show how to interrogate with the stiff suspects for case proceedings once such lawyer was Adv. Ram Jethamalni. Jaitley’s food loving and helping nature was always marked by most of his acquaintances and doctor friends.

There was a time when the minister abroad and visit to a sardarji who used to prepared Indian food for him. There was an incident when Jaitley went to some coffee shop and the waiter complimented him that he looks good with blazer. Light hearted Jaitley took the waiter to Marks&Spencer and gifted him with a tie and a blazer.

When Uttarakhand High Court was inaugurated Arun stayed in a hotel and paid his own rent and the hotel commented that this is the first time any government servant paid for themselves. The ex-minister was of food loving nature, he used to decide about other day’s dinner on the earlier day’s breakfast table.

Arun Jaitley also followed his desire to write blogs and stay connected to e-world. He was also referred as Mr. Blogger by some of the journalists. He was the man who guided and mentored a young MP to get the the nuclear bill on the tables of both the democratic houses. Mr. Arun Jaitley will also be remembered for his kind attitude towards his staff members. He always helped them in moral support, financial support and the guidance.

Arun Jaitley went through many severe surgeries in the country and abroad related to his kidney, tumour and liver and others. Everytime he fought with the illness and proved his strength. Way back to September 2014 he underwent the surgery to control his increasing weight and diabetes at a private hospital where some complications happened but he recovered well in AIIMS later that year. At various surgery and health related occasions he took off from office and requested PM Modi to keep him away from the portfolios. During the election campaigns of 2019, Arun went to New York for getting operated for tumour there he was strictly advised to not to work for long hours but somehow he worked for late nights to led the party to a majority win.

PM Modi tried to convince Jaitley for a portfolio but due to his ailing health the ex-BCCI administrator refused all the requests. Today afternoon the minister was cremated with full state honours. Various opposition leaders, government officials, friends, party workers and ministers paid tribute to him via twitter and going for the last seeing at BJP headquarters and his house in Kailash Colony.


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