A question to freedom of speech and expression


India is a diverse country and its constitution binds it in a thread. Indian constitution allows some fundamental right which are six in number and one of them is freedom of speech and expression. The fundamental right of freedom of speech and expression comes under Article 19 (1)A.

It is always said that the soul of a country lies in the constitution and the fundamental rights embedded in it. This right is also included in the Universal Deceleration of Human Right 1948, which says anyone can’t survive without speech. The right to speech and freedom is considered as the most important part of the democracy which shows how the country is being ruled by the supreme leader in the national capital.

Speech and expression includes showing your consent, disagreement, protest or question. According to the researches a democracy can withstand its basic structure only when the citizen gets the power to disagree and share their views among others. A democracy will not survive if the media of the nation or the people are bound for not talking and expressing.

From last few years globally it is being observed that some or the other are leaders are trying to controlling the soul of the democracy. For eg the media is asked to work as an unmentioned PR and advertisers, the story isn’t same for all the organisation some of them still wakes up and do their moral duty to present the truth and the facts. Media is always considered as a mirror to the society along with cinema, media is an umbrella term under which lots of things shred.

In the present day of 2019, most of the big leaders like US President Donald Trump, Indian PM Narendra Modi, Russia’s President Putin and the Chinese along with other supreme leaders suppresses media organisation. The situation isn’t that bad these days but it is growing worse as the days are passing.

Talking about US, President Trump isn’t having good rapport with the media. It has been a trend in the US that white house invites stand up comedians to roast the leader and have dinner with them, this somehow makes the leader comfortable that you will be pointed directly for all the questions and there is nothing negative about it. After, US got Trump as their president the dinner isn’t joined by him till date and he always neglects and bluntly answers the mediaperson. Whereas, the last President Obama had very smooth and maintained relations with the media.

The case study somehow remains the same after the victory of BJP led NDA in May 2014. After 2014 the numbers of cases of cyber complaints increased drastically along with trolls. From last few years there are more cases of arresting of citizens who criticises the government on social or public platforms. According to the NCRB data the number of journalist’s death also got a high wave due to disagreement of the organisation with the government.

There are several cases in which citizens like Prashant Kanojia, Gurmehar Kaur and other got social abuses for being strong and vocal about their mindsets. In today’s scenario farmers, sewage cleaners and many more are denied their rights to peacefully protest against their degrading situation.

The country is losing one of its basic right to condemn the actions and question them for rest of their lives.


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